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The Benefits Of Getting a CAPM Certification

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) is a globally recognized entry-level certification accredited by the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI®).

If you are a junior level Project Manager and want to set the stage for a glittering career, then CAPM is the right credential to pursue to take you on the path of success and progress.

CAPM provides the fundamental knowledge on all the aspects of project management including Project Management Phases, Knowledge Areas and Processes.

Why get CAPM Certified?

There is a huge demand for Project Managers in all sectors.

Did you know, according to PMI’s Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report (2017-2027),

by 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented role.

Poject Management Jobs Cemand in Different countries 2017-2027

(Source: Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027)

To meet this demand and skill gap, many professionals are taking up industry-recognized Project Management certifications to enhance their skills and stand out from the crowd.

What is the eligibility criteria for CAPM?

CAPM Eligebility Requirements

What is the CAPM Certification Exam Fees?

CAPM Certification Fees

What is the CAPM certification course outline?

CAPM certification is designed based on the PMI framework and follows the standards as mentioned in the PMBOK Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge). 

Knowledge Areas Covered

Percentage of Exam

Introduction to Project Management


Project Environment


Role of the Project Manager


Project Integration Management


Project Scope Management


Project Schedule Management


Project Cost Management


Project Quality Management


Project Resource Management


Project Communication Management


Project Risk Management


Project Procurement Management


Project Stakeholder Management


What are the Benefits of getting CAPM Certified?

  1. Professional Credibility: Thorough Understanding of the fundamental concepts through CAPM makes an individual highly proficient and boosts professional credibility.
  2. Global Recognition:  Credentials from PMI is considered as industry- standard in-demand certification which validates the knowledge on project management.
  3. Stepping stone for PMP Exam Preparation: The familiarity with PMBOK and the experience you gain after implementing the skills acquired from CAPM Certification will act as a strong footing for PMP examination preparation.
  4. Enhance Project Management Skills:  CAPM Certification not only enhances your knowledge of Project Management, but it also helps to attain leadership quality and team management quality.
  5. Career Advancement: CAPM accelerates the scope of your career as a Certified Associate Project Management professional with career advancement, professional growth, increase in salary and earning potential. 
  6.  Higher Recruiter Visibility: Getting globally recognized professional certification captures the recruiter’s attention for a potential hiring requirement. The certification at the early stage of your career will make a path for better job opportunities.
  7. Higher Pay:

CAPM Average Annual Salaries in United States as per

8. Get more lucrative assignments:  Certified professionals are more likely to get challenging Projects and opportunity to handle valued projects.

9. Professional Versatility: As a certified professional you might get a chance to lead the team, work in different projects and enhance your project management skill.

10. Recession-Proof your career:  CAPM certification helps you stand out as an accomplished professional as compared to other non-certified peers in your field. During an economic crisis or in a period of slow growth or recession, non-certified project managers are more likely to come in the line of fire than their certified peers. 

What next?

  1. If you are planning to crack the PMP Certification exam in the first attempt, then having CAPM Credentials will prove to be an asset and help you for PMP exam preparation.
  2. The job profiles that CAPM certified professionals can apply for are:
  • Consultants
  • Business Analyst
  • Relational Administrator
  • Operational Support associate
  • PMO
  • Senior Project Manager in IT
  • Marketing Coordinator for Communications

Take the first step towards exploring an opportunity to be a global project management professional. Prepare for the CAPM® certification exam and fast track your career as a project management professional. Join Now! Please fill in the enquiry form or call now on +1(713)-287-1355 or e-mail info {at} icertglobal {dot} com for our training consultant to understand your training requirements and guide you with an optimum way to achieve your learning objectives.

You may also be interested in attending a 2-hour Webinar on 'An Introduction to the PMP Certification'.

For more information about our Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Training Course, please visit us at

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Enroll Now! for a Webinar on Project Management PMP Certification Introduction and Requirements
Enroll Now! for a Webinar on Project Management PMP Certification Introduction and Requirements


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