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Blog Banner Image One Skill Is Not Enough. The Opportunities Are More.
The human capital, with the exponential growth in population, is immeasurably huge. Today the talent pool is just terrific. Paradoxically, the skill gap persists despite the overwhelming numbers of resources. The issue, as always, is the fitment. The question is: do you fit? 

An organization needs vary from time to time, and that’s why the insistence of skills upgrades. Stopping at a place in today’s pace Is walking backward. That spells something about the competition – which means you have to have always in your guard, keep your eyes and ears open and be ready on your toes. 

The physical attributes aside, the mental faculty needs to be brushed up and stepped up. Now comes the key question? What are your skills? Everyone is gifted with a primary skill. Problem is we don’t know what we are good at. We just follow the crowd and flow with the tide and knock on doors that have good opportunities – that pays you well offering good positions. So it’s more about aligning your skills towards the direction of boom and bucks.

Win-win for You and your Company
These days, a company is known for its workforce. Clients are setting the minimum requirement of ‘PMP certified’ for a manager, and hiring companies either enforce or set as their basic requirement even at the shortlisting stage. Hence, the certification on your profile is not only a value-add to your person but with the company, you are associated as well. That said, when one key certification used to suffice, today along with the demand, the expectations too have spiraled. “what else?” this goes both ways for the employers and employees.  For the investment made on an asset, in the forms of pay and perks, what are the returns on investment (ROI) is a claim rightfully stated by the employer. Likewise, for investing so many hard hours and armed with skillsets, ‘what do I stand to gain in terms of compensation and growth?’. So, it’s a fair expectation both sides with an eye on the bottom-line.

Multifaceted Profile.
There are many a professional who despite experience are unable to stand out for the fact that they aren’t certified. Hence, there is ‘that’ distinguished factor that sets one apart. So, a professional certification can make a huge difference. Compare a PMP certified with that of a non-certified professional/ doesn’t it make a difference. Now add more certifications to your profile aligned with your skill set. Maybe PgMP or PMI-ACP.

Job Opportunities
Many doors will be opened. The job market is skewed with an imbalance in supply versus demand. Skilled professionals are scarce in the industry, and hence the difficulty in sourcing. The niche professional certification holders are fewer in the industry.

Career Advancement
The competitive edge, undoubtedly, stems from the knowledge acquisition. Advanced certification is the measure of depth and applied across a domain. The principles and concepts are applicable to varied industry. You can move places and scale up the ladder, and always the threshold will be an acclaimed and accepted qualification and certification.

There are many such professional certifications depending on the subject matter and areas of interest. The common thread that sews up is the success factor: professionally certified profiles are head above shoulders.


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