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Blog Banner Image PRINCE2® 2017 – The Exam Updates

Continuing with our previous blog post about the changes in the PRINCE 2017 Release, this posting covers the exam details for both Foundation Exam and Practitioner exam.

The details are provided from the Axelos site to preserve integrity of the data, and also avoid unnecessary ambiguity

Foundation Examination Design

Exam Design

• Number of questions reduced to 60 (previously 75 with trial questions), and no trial questions

• Exam duration unchanged (1 hour)

• (Pass mark may be adjusted following standard setting)

• Negative questions removed, except where it is part of the learning outcome to know that something shouldn’t occur (e.g. NOT, FALSE, INCORRECT)

• Number of list and missing word questions reduced, i.e. more standard questions

Foundation Exam Structure

• 5 Questions on key concepts

• 8 questions on principles

• 28 questions on themes

• 3-5 questions on each theme

• 19 questions on processes

• 2-3 questions on each process.

Practitioner Examination Design

Exam Design - Questions

• Number of questions (marks) reduced to 75 (previously 80)

• Exam duration unchanged (2.5 hours)

• (Pass mark may be adjusted following standard setting)

• Question styles removed:

• Multiple response

• Assertion reason

• Question styles retained:

• Matching (for BL3) – max 3 marks with 5-6 tokens

• Classic (for BL4) e.g. Yes, because…..

 Practitioner Examination Design

Exam Design – Scenario/Information

Candidates will only need to refer to:

• A one-page project scenario

• One page of additional information for the organization theme (person profiles)

• Approx. 4 lines of information before the question stem to provide the context (especially BL4 questions).

In other words:

• No separate lengthy additional information (except for organization theme)

• No ‘delete entry 1’, ‘amend entry 1’ questions’!!

please watch this space for more update. We will keep you posted more about the developments about PRINCE 2-2017 release.

Wishing you good lucl in your endevaors.

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