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Blog Banner Image The Importance Of IT Service Management.
Does artificial intelligence fall under the ambit of IT services? Yes, so long they are used for IT related projects and programs.  Automation is again big time in the software industry. Check out and you will find them more IT-services based.

Failed computer replaced during U.S. astronauts' spacewalk [source- Reuters]that doesn’t speak of IT Service Management? News like and a horde of such articles and news items in the public domain only stresses the importance of IT Service management.

Who will manage the IT Services?
Of course, IT Service Management team, that could include  IT System Managers, IT Administrators, System Administrators, IT Quality Specialists, IT Audit, IT System Analysts and Quality Control who are either responsible for streamlining the IT Systems or part of IT Service Management team, Quality Assurance teams responsible for software and infrastructure.

Who will manage the people handling IT Services?
The reiteration IT Service management is because there is no sphere of our life which IT has not shaped up. IT is ubiquitous. It’s almost everywhere. So you need people who are skilled in managing and handling IT systems. The need for ITIL® Certifications is more as a test of competency and validation expertise in handling critical scenarios. IT Service setup can be simple or complicated, and more often not, the complexity varies in severity, and you can take it for granted that any IT System will be complex. Hence, most companies prefer skilled people with experience and rich expertise in entrusting the systems. Just like mirror servers, company don’t prefer to depend on any particular team, rather they prefer a mix of teams who can be deployed and pressed in to service should a situation warrant. This is the very reason why the ITIL® Certifications have gained prominence in the recent times as professionals start at foundation level and then move on to the intermediate modules – which can be either  Lifecycle modules best suited for professional pursuing management of services and the other is capability modules, which is apt for professionals preferring the process, and the next  level of certification is the MALC ( Managing Across the  Lifecycle)  and clearance will lead to ITIL Expert.  So given the mix of management and process in the intermediate levels, companies also use a judicious mix of people capable of handling scenarios pertaining to management or process or both.

Who will maintain the IT Systems?
It is an interesting poser. Maintenance of IT Systems need not be the same as the one managing the IT Systems. There can be a dedicated team exclusively for IT system maintenance. The prerequisites, qualifications, certification and validation in terms of capability and competency remain the same. Maintenance is a critical and crucial as managing. In case of any faulty issues or malfunction, troubleshooting will be taken care by the maintenance crew who are always on standby. Expecting the unexpected is a good maxim and mostly follow b all the companies that have deployed IT Systems. There is also a misconception that IT Systems pertains to the software industry. The perception should ‘wherever IT Systems are deployed’, it calls for managing and maintenance of IT Systems.

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