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Professional certification is no more an alternative; it’s the benchmark. Professional certification is no longer restricted to a domain; its across business.

Professionals need certification today
To be counted;
To stay competitive;
To possess intellectual capital;
To present credentials.

Are you professionally certified? 

Be certified to expand career path 

Whatever be your chosen field, unless you excel and exceed expectations, you talent remain unharnessed. Certifications help you to amplify your skills and get the doors opened.

The overriding factor and dire demand proved to be the digital presence and exceptional soft skills. Over time, the medium has become mobile and so has the means. The key differentiator is technologists are the game-changers by delivering technology at doorstep. The road ahead is full of opportunities if one knows how to count and capitalize. Knowledge is the key and Technology-enabled services will be the touchstone.

Today there is a surplus in headcount There is indeed a growing skill gap – both the employers and employees standpoint. The fitment is really a hard-find. Hence, grooming the greatest asset – human capital – is the critical need as exponential growth in technological developments makes it mandate to embrace existing and emerging technologies. 

CBAP® is a certification for Business Analysts. Just the same we have for Programming or Networking.

Business Analyst, as a role and title, is often connected with IT industry given its dominating presence and dependence in the scope of business. This is not to discount or discredit Business Analysis in other industries but it’s more predominant and prominent in IT. 

In business, the most difficult part is to please is your customer. Try as you might, they are never content. It’s an uphill task and times, unreasonable too. The customer need not necessarily know all the requirements since they are evolving in nature. We start with something but end up elsewhere..   The information points can be obtained via different techniques like brainstorming, workshops, prototypes, tractions, face-to-face interviews and other means.  Still, we can’t conceive every single detail during the first call with the client. The unrecorded requirements arise in due course of development.

In startups a Business Analyst could double up as a PM. Even established companies don’t need one when the product is in maintenance state. Analysis is indispensable because it could endanger the progress of a project or leave it in a limbo. Much worse, there will be no life to the software lifecycle.

When we slip into the customer’ shoes and start listing the requirements, it gives us a fair idea about the customer’s expectations. Customers come well prepared, armed with data points and quite at ease in conversing about technology. What is new today turns out to be history tomorrow. Today’s most phenomenal innovation can become primitive in no time. Therefore Business Analysts are not just touch points but the interface between the organization and the customer, translating business needs and providing feasible solutions that can be implemented at the agreed cost – which effectively contains scope.

As a professional, you need to establish credibility and build trust. A CBAP® certification criterion makes it a mandate to possess 7500 hours of hands-on business experience which makes it extensive in terms of learning in terms of time and talent. It’s given to understand that CBAP® certified professionals are ‘experts in identifying the business needs of an organization in order to determine the best solutions’ as stated in Just like PMP® for Project Management, organization these days are stressing on the significant of a CBAP® certification for Business Analyst and is fast gaining currency as one of the best known benchmark for business analysis. CBAP certification enhances the human capital of an organization and builds competency in business analysis practice. Also the recognition and career advancement potential for the professional makes it a synergetic growth for the organization. It enables effective work with stakeholders associated and helps better understand the profession as an expert.

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