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Two decades before, aspirations ran really high in securing a seat in one of the prestigious colleges – which often was an analogy for ‘springboard to successes’ or the ‘launch pad’. A good and sound education ensured you can eke out a living that hopefully will enrich the future. You can’t be done with education, and you just can’t have enough. Knowledge never erodes. Back then, education was the primary means to meet your ends. To graduate, find a high-paying job and learn on the ropes and settle in life was the well beaten path, which has been stamped by worn out feet. That was then. Today is telling. The mindset of a millennial is interesting and intriguing. Hiring manager are witnessing a tectonic shift in the attitude and approach of youngsters, especially, ‘freshers’ out of colleges whose outlook has been completely influenced by today's’ trends and tomorrow’ expectation. There is a paradigm shift – as compared to ‘how much can I earn?’ they are questioning ‘what will I learn?” while the assurance then was “learn while you earn’, the audacity today is to challenge 'learn “what” while I earn.' The pride in joining a prestigious organization or fortune 500 company can be just about the same as working in the latest technology. It’s to the inquisitive mind that can ignite thoughts to touch zenith, and not only youngsters but those that are ambitious in giving whatever it takes uttering “if required sleep under the desk”. 

 The conundrum
 Downsizing, the companies are trying to eliminate ‘deadwood’; and at the same time sharpening its competitive edge to stay relevant and superior. So the question is often on the lines of “are you comfortable learning, or challenge learning?” That makes learning all the more exciting – and enterprising. “Why do wizards leave?” - should be the question when your top talent is treading towards the exit door. They leave because there is not much of competition or nothing to change status quo. So with the lack of incentives, the motivation to grind the same flour in a different flavor makes the occupation dull and engagement uneventful. Where went the education? And the extended use? Admittedly, the pace at which technology has accelerated is just incomprehensible. Generations in its times witnessed changes and resisted as well. But the way this generation has embraced and endeavored simply exceeds expectations. Star wars kind of things, were conceptualized and soon Self-driving cars becoming a possibility is no more a novelty. Well, that’s the reality. Soon flying cars and mission to mars. Impossible is nothing. What excites this generation is the gauntlet to take the future by its holds, emboldened with the education and endeavor to push the boundaries of resistance. “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.” as stated by Naipaul. Call it savage or systematic or severe, that’s the world for you to survive. It’s ‘perform or perish’ ultimatum.

Fresh start and startups 
 We are familiar with startups mushrooming during the peak of the dotcom bubble, but the present valuation of the startups in the Asian-sub continent can be dumbfounding. And for varied reasons, we find more youngsters opting to kick-start their career in startups and one of the powerful pull cited is ‘fresh lease of life’ in the form of learning and working on new technologies. ‘Data scientist’ is a newly coined designation which didn’t exist a decade before. Big data, Hadoop, Robotics, Data analytics, AI, Space Programs, the internet of things – becoming the cynosure in the life of the curious geeks. Algorithm was more confined to Coding. But today technology is driving scientific progress, and algorithms are used in airline pricing, stock trading, ecommerce, transportation and what not.

eLearning will help in retention
 Companies take pride in what they are offering other than that specified in a job description. For a fresher, it doesn’t matter – or does it? The perks in present terms are more knowledge acquisition. E-Learning is a powerful tool to harness the potential in the talent acquired. Remember the shelf life of the talent is less than a banana. Some who reported in the morning failed to show up after lunch. Attrition can be so menacing that reining in manpower is almost magical. There are always aces up in the sleeves – the carrot dangling is the promise of pathway to learning. Try eLearning. In empowering your workforce through training, make effective use of eLearning. Just as you would light-up a runway for take-off during night, try stacking those novel and niche expertise in career pathway which must be hard-to-miss. Its not enticement; call it engagement. No matter how you wish to label, will it be strong enough to seize their attention to make them stay on? Its about managing their expectations. Surpassing will ensure their stay. To impress your workforce, it’s recommended to invest on them. Technology is an enabler; eLearning a tool. How you wish to leverage in retaining your talent – is left to you.

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