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First, it’s an efficient educational system, and inexpensive as well. It’s self-driven and hence the sense of admission and accountability is all-time high. It’s not bound by anything – be it place or time. So you can do-it-yourself anytime, anywhere. Being Boundless, eLearning clears bottleneck and opens up any opposition you might have harbored against the system. The freedom is unrestrained and unhinged. You are absolutely free in apportioning your time according to your convenience. The same is applicable for both the employers and employees. Many are well-acquainted with e-Learning, and the positive highlights. The rapid rise in technology removing any hassles with regard to the reach, access is not the issue. It’s the approach. Left to themselves, are they really accountable? This is a valid poser as learners (read as employees) fail to take training seriously misusing the very advantage e-Learning offers – the freedom to choose time and place. Just because it can be accessed anytime, there is a tendency to procrastinate. Since there is no one to monitor, complacency creeps in making one lethargic and even lazy and listless. We expect self-discipline, and regretfully, the instances of utter disregard to discipline are just incredible. There can be umpteen benefits, but like a full blown balloon all it takes is just a pinprick. And that’s the reason why e-Learning had failed to establish as one of the standard more of learning like classroom or virtual online class training. So as many positives are nullified or neutralized by the ill-effects. Wait a minute! Hear the other side of the story. “Oh! Its so boring and the monotony can wear you out.” Many opt out or just fake it because there is a mandate to complete the course. The completion might be the basis for some points, perks or even promotion, and one just can’t afford to ‘skip’ the classes and hence just ‘sit through’ the hours leaving the learning cycle in a limbo.

So, how does eLearning evens it out?
  Transform your training 
Think Technology, think mobile. We witness the mobile surge and surpass any other electronic usage or for that matter any invention. The medium is mobile and the mode is mobile. Empowering your employees I enriching their education in the way forward would be, naturally, mobile. You can choose your training modules and create it in an interesting and engaging manner to make the learner more involved and absorbed. It increases the attention span and greatly improves retention. The present and the future belong to mobile. A holistic approach is to look for a win-win situation. Reliable information picked up from the public domain reveals that ‘among the highly advanced companies, as much as 18% of all training is now delivered through mobile devices’. 

Close the gap
 It is often the case of ‘learn what we want you study’ without much emphasis on the content and packaging. It was understood from a Towards Maturity report that learners prefer a more personalized content that’s relevant and fast paced. Instead they are made to study subjects that best befits classroom setup. So there clearly exists a gap – that needs to be closed. E-Learning will help you in customizing to the crowd, and also identify and individual needs. That’s the flexibility made possible – kind of custom made or made to order. Its basically“to get them on your side”. And for that ‘you need to see their side.’

Promote a strong learning culture
 For a company to report growth, it is imperative to nurture talent and promote a platform for knowledge acquisition and upgrade. Companies need to look beyond the conventional classroom and look for means that can effectively leverage technology in advancing the workforce skills. E-Learning, instead of interpreting as ‘competing mode’ to conventional education should be viewed as complementing knowledge and development. Technology is the trump card, and you play it smart to emerge triumphant.    “The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.” - Cathy Moore

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