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A learned person passed on wisdom and insight about eLearning – which itself was altruistic. The selfless act to dispel the darkness of ignorance by lighting the torch of education is perhaps the brightest of illumination. It’s a beacon of hope to the uninformed and underprivileged. The brilliant and beautiful quote of Durant ‘Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance’ characterizes our pursuit of knowledge and excellence as the more we learn, the more we confound our understanding. So when a deemed expensive education at one of the prestigious academic institution is beyond the possible reach of those who can ill-afford, e-Learning proved to be the panacea in making it possible. The educated are morally obliged to educate the uneducated. Hence, altruism is still a long way. 

Is it a catharsis for the curse or cleansing the system?
  Those dealt with a distinct disadvantage, are deprived of their due, that they see the door of admission ajar and yet accept the very odds that distances their prospects. Think of a person who lives in less than ‘advanced country’ standards, for whom aspiring to pursue a course would be to ‘shoot at the stars’, can only keep yearning . Illustrious institutions like “MIT’s open courseware ‘ offers its course without any charges. You may not be able to appreciate as much as that person vying for a spot. Isn’t altruistic? eLearning can be a powerful tool in philanthropy and business pursuits. It enables you and me to have a fair shot at success.

Are companies truly altruistic?
  Corporates are known to commercialize. Well, how do you expect it to survive otherwise? But with that cost comes some compassion or benevolence. Are companies truly altruistic? So, it’s just about self-gains? We tend to get washed away by public sentiment that a company that’s capitalist at the core can’t just find its footprint in philanthropy. Who foots the bill of your training? Who sponsors your certification? Who provides the platform for learning? When you are roped in as part of the workforce, the drill begins and never ends. For the rest of your life, you are on the bench – learning. When you stop learning, you cease to grow. Standing still, means, walking backwards. So step up with the crowd or as they say gain ‘appreciable head start’. All these glorious adjectives aren’t bequeathed at birth. You might be right in protesting “I have earned it.” Of course, all the stripes and stars. But do pause for a moment. Someone offered you an opportunity – now this applies for entrepreneurs too. Its not without reason ‘the customer is king’. If there is no audience, what good is the stage?

Isn’t there an Investment on YOU?  
 Every project – short term or long term you engage, is an education in itself. In fact, failures teach you far more than success. Bill Gates quote is telling “success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” So, isn’t it like ‘you can’t have the cake and eat it as well’. Well, you do. Don’t you? If the company is good, then the compensation should range from good to great, plus the perks and other goodies that go with the job. Sometimes, its swelling to feel seated on a trash of cash. You live the life. Again, ‘you earned it. Hence, entitled.’ Then in the race to glory, there are pit stops. Those are gentle reminders that you live on ‘borrowed time’ and ‘endowment’. The world is neither flat nor fair. Just as uneven, so in the inequality that exists. In this rat-race, instead of being privileged, find it a ‘privilege’ to be employed for many are called but few picked. And to ice the cake, the company gets to sponsor. Whoa! That’s the cherry on the top my friend, because you are the cream of the crop. So short-sightedness may not spell the motives to be truly altruistic, but in the longer run you will appreciate every dime and nickel that picked up your bill and paid in full.

Where are the Returns?
 Times have changed. There were the one your father decided to offer his services and retired from the very place joined years before. He would have aged along with the company – weathered the good and bad and seen it all. That was ‘loyalty’. Its always wise to invest because they are true, tested and trusted assets. Today, training an employee, at a cost comes with associated risks. Retention is the worst risk – the carrot on top theory is not for the prime donnas, better try elsewhere. Today talent is not just tapped; its poached. At a price – at times unreasonable and obscene. So where went all that training and certification the company invested in you? Not exactly down the drain as you would have contributed your share fairly, so your conscience is clear. What about the company’ bottom line? The ROI is not met with you serving a stint. It has to be many more stints before the company can break-even, but by then, you have cut off ties and fastened your belts to take-off. The asset just flew out, leaving the company in the red. Literally. So when there is nothing binding upon you to serve, why should the company bother to spend? Yet, it does. Isn’t that altruistic? Think about it. Isn’t incumbent on us individually and personally to repay the debt? Yes, that’s why to your teacher, you are indebted. The legends, living and departed have attributed their success to teachers. Bill Gates attributed, Steve Jobs acknowledged Reeds College for calligraphy. Commerce and compassion might sound contradicting, but buried beneath the business is the sense of benevolence.

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