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They say ‘it’s easier said than done’.  Truth be told, we are all pathetic in managing time. Take for instance, when you arrive at the Airport, and read the flight status as “Delayed”. The Project delivery is marked “Delayed”. No Project finishes on time without incurring some delay. Delay is now acknowledged as part of life and surprises springs when things happen on time.

Don’t take your time for granted

Its 24 hours –like it or not. Yes, these days, its hardly enough. Science changes many things but not the solar system. So 24 hours are all you have. How best to utilize without wasting? Then much depends on what is ‘waste’? But what is certain: time is limited. Life is short.

Time flies.  When it is ‘about Time’, then wrap it up. So work within the time limit set. That’s why estimation is essential. Though accuracy is something difficult to achieve, even with the advancement in techniques and thought process, historic data or past experience should at least provide you ballpark. When you plan a task or trip, what’s that you focus on? When will we complete / when will we reach? It’s the ‘when’ which is assigned the maximum weightage.

Likewise, where and whom you spend your time too matters. Professionals don’t work in line with the arms of the clock. Overstretching leads to early burnout. In reality, it impacts the productivity of the succeeding day. When you are dead tired after a hard day’s work, then you miss out on a lot many things, especially stress relievers like family time, rest and sleep. The hangover is carried forward. So the following day, your weariness pulls you down plunging the productivity. Consistency is the key, and for that managing time is the most important of all.

Some are sticklers to time. A minute late and tempers can be seen flying and epithets and expletives expressed unreservedly.  Why? Because the person values time so much, while the ones to go easy with are more likely to take time for granted.

“ Better appreciate what you HAVE before it turns out to be what you HAD! “

Don’t take others' time for granted

If your respect someone, you will respect their time as well. “Don’t waste my time and your time” – sounds familiar. Typically annoyed or totally disinterested. Why? Because the time can be spent on something worthwhile.

Besides, there are some characters with their own idiosyncrasy, who just take a sadistic pleasure in making others wait – for the heck of it. Since they sit on plum positions that offer the kind of cushion, comfort and the control, people wait. Wait as they have no choice – it can be anyone from a vendor to a stakeholder. Now is an employee a stakeholder? Of course, yes. And is it fair to make them wait just because your calendar for that day is crowded. Whose interest supersedes – an individual or company? Company. But without the ‘individuals’ will the company survive? And wont the individuals have their agenda for the day and ripping off their rationed time for family is fair just because you’re the Business Head or the Manager or the CEO? Those who wait might oblige grudgingly, but the payback can be expected in some form. Those ‘Heads’ must think about the possible ramification. Repercussions are bound to happen. When the suppressed spirit finds release, don’t expect it to behave benevolently. ‘You will be repaid in the same coin’ and ‘taste your own bitter medicine.’

Your agenda for the day might be jam-packed, and of course unknown or unexpected calls might spring up, which can’t be ignored.  They need to be accommodated without affecting the agenda adversely.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

Remember, just as your time important, so will it be for others you interact. Don’t abuse your position by taking their time for granted. That’s the worst form of injustice.

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