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Amazing. Astounding. Awe-inspiring. The technology revolution has taken the industry by storm and dazzles with “disruptive technology “ or ‘creative destruction. Buzz words by the horde appear on the headlines startling you by its sheer ‘sentence-construct’. Many couldn’t decipher disruptive technology then but we are now used to and even conversant to the point of expecting more. If you are someone juggling with more than one assignment – then talk of multi-tasking. Now when its managing multi-projects, then the unknowns and unexpected changes complicates to a severity hitherto undefined. So as one entrusted with the Program management, how do you anticipate the unexpected and negotiate the unforeseen changes? Please note that a program is a portfolio comprised of multiple projects. Its common knowledge that managing large-scale programme can be very complex in terms of planning, organizing and execution. The business environment has changed drastically with the advent of mobile apps in every sphere of life and digitization of every dot, which demands completion at a pace that’s fast and yet cost-effective. While the scale and size in project and programs are growing, qualified professionals who can consistently perform and contribute are found wanting. We recommend MSP® ( Managing Successful Programs). Your organization would want to continually improve, manage multiple projects to the minute detail, manage stakeholder expectation, provide value for investment, capitalize on business opportunities and become an enabler of change – which is why MSP® is strongly proposed to be pursued by your Personnel managing programs. MSP’s framework enables organization to break down complex programs in to manageable interrelated projects, balancing on the budget and staying on time without compromising the quality. Thus it’s a strategic approach to accomplish a complex engagement through transformation activities whereby a file is split as dossiers, organized, implemented and executed to achieve the intended outcome or business result, in other words, business value.

 MSP® sets out successful programs

Pcubed has found MSP to be an effective platform upon which to develop a program or assess the effectiveness of those already underway. MSP® sets out how successful programs - portfolios of projects - can and should be accomplished. It emphasizes that a program will involve considerable resource commitment from a number of areas: "a significant budget, lengthy timescales, potential disruption of extant projects or programs, and major business or organizational change."

MSP® helps in delivering business outcome/output

MSP® is a flexible though not prescriptive business framework and best practice that helps organization with its pragmatic approach to realize present project objectives and enhances its business operation and processes. It enhances organization efficiency, makes resources effective and encourages innovation. The business goals, objectives are strategically aligned so as to improve operational efficiency, and act as a catalyst for delivery capabilities. Since MSP is developed from collective experience and expertise, it adds tremendous value, and benefits largely from the insights from experience.

MSP® is good enough for any type of organization

Big or small – the size is no constraint at all. So long the senior professionals, usually mid-level managers or higher are trained in MSP , preferably Practitioners will serve well to measure up to the organization’s expectations in terms of yield. the certified MSP Practitioners are adept in handling exigencies and resolving issues with enhance decision-making prowess. MSP certification is globally recognized and hence the talent pool of any organization with certified practitioners enhances its image and builds trust and credibility about the workforce. It must be acknowledged that given global competition, compounded by other factors internal and external, one cannot completely insulate from failure but MSP helps organization to stay as competitive with its cutting edge a fair chance to succeed in the most demanding market that offers little latitude.

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