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Blog Banner Image Now that you filled the PMP Examination forms What next Write the PMP Exam
As a prelude to appearing for the PMP® Certification exam, few pointers worth to ponder.

1. Fill the PMP® application form

Filling the form can be time consuming and extensive in preparation with an eye for details.

Please be informed that PMI® will provide 90 days to fill your form online during which you can edit and make changes but cannot cancel the application. PMI® will post a mail to your valid email about the completeness of application.

2. Response from PMI® about Application’s completeness

Once you submit the PMP® application, PMI will get back in about 5 days about the ‘Application Completeness Review’.

Soon after you submit the PMP® application, it becomes mandate to appear for the examination within one year of submission. This is again for the benefit of the participants to stay concentrated about the exam. A lot many aspirants develop cold feet due lack of time constraints, unexpected events, and hectic work schedule or plainly lack of preparation.

Also, some aspirants wait to become completely conversant and extremely confident before they can start filling the form. These are exceptional cases, besides PMI offers you enough time for the kind of confidence and conversance one can work upon and build in due course of time.

3. Make the Payment

This is the third step. Once your application is vetted for veracity, reviewed and ratified, the PM will post a send you a confirmation email with an advise to make the payment towards the PMP® examination fee.

Now you can make the payment. You can visit and become a member by paying fee of $139 which can save $11 and also provide soft copy of PMBOK and study aids.

4. Scheduling the Exam

After the form is submitted, you will receive a mail from PMI® stating ,
Your application is approved ,
You will receive confirmation that your application is approved. Further, the email will provide the payment link to pay the exam fees. For PMP® certification fee, PMI members will have to pay USD $405 while for non-members, it will cost SD $555. 
The application is under Audit process.

The PMI audit will seek to substantiate certain details recorded in the application form. The applicant will receive an audit document which needs to be printed, verified and signed by the supervisor/manager as mentioned in the application form with the respective company seal. The printed hard copies need to be posted through ‘traceable’ post.

Note: there is no need to get worked-up or become anxious. It’s just PMI is cross-checking with the information provided in the application and validating any gaps observed. It can happen due to oversight despite checking and double-checking some information or may be certain data failed to capture. PMI will provide 90 days for you to post the required documents back to its head office. Its advised that you always you’re your superiors informed about your certification endeavor and they will do the needful when taken into confidence. PMI will require 7 days to approve your application, subject to the orderliness of the submitted hard copies, and will mail you the link to make the payment and schedule PMP® Examination date.

5. Appear for the Exam

The PMP® certification prep courses, multiple model papers, study aids, Resources available and the numbers of hour spent preparing will definitely make a difference. As stressed in our previous blog posting, preparation stress the need of heightened anticipation – which is what we meant as ‘state of readiness’ so that the date scheduled by PMI will not take you by surprise, and also you can keep sharpening axe. Practice and preparation are the keys.

 NOTE: You must retain the unique PMI Eligibility ID located on your scheduling notification. This number will be required to register for the examination. [courtesy: to read more, click here}

“I try to prepare for everything beyond the extent of preparation. Taylor Swift”

We wish you success!!

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