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Some of the professionals interviewed cited reasons that might sound unbelievable, but then that’s their version. We have listed some for your reference as a precautionary note not to delay or defer in taking up the exam. Every single day you lose is something lost forever. In case your mind is set in appearing for the exam and obstacles of any kind can appear as stumbling blocks, you still can overcome the odds and crack the exam. 

Here are some reasons listed for pushing the date to ‘another day’:

“It’s too tough” - of course, it’s tough. PMP® actually moderates from average to tough and calls for dedicated study and determined efforts. The view from the top is terrific but you got to toil to get to the top.

“I AM BUSY. I don’t have time” – No one has the time to spare. Try checking with anyone and a volley of reasons backed with rationale will be thrown in return. MAKE TIME. You can always apportion time. You really don’t consume all the 24 hours. So late nights, early mornings, and of obviously, the weekend is all yours to prepare for PMP. We do find time to make ourselves available for occasions and get-together by freeing up bandwidth. Studies are a struggle since childhood and in adulthood with more responsibilities stooping the shoulder, and hence it’s no easy feat to sit and burn the midnight oil. ‘Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices.’

“The Job Pressure is too much” – agreed. We all have gone through the grind and it’s difficult to focus when your mind is constantly analysing multiple scenarios and multitasking. Despite the pressure, can you rise up to meet the challenge? Determination. When the traffic is too much, do you just reverse the vehicle and go back home or maneuver to find way to office? Most succeed because they are determined.

“May be next month” – the worst excuse. If something is to be done, better do it immediately. Tomorrow never comes, so how will next month? We only avoid accepting to spell the truth and instead pretend using the pretext of ‘another day’.  As it is written, ‘If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives’. 

“I am not good enough” – that’s accepting defeat even before the fight. How would you know unless you attempted. So, all those appear for the PMP exam pass? There are no failures? Wrong. Even those failed should be applauded for their audacity to make an attempt, and failure will push them further to fare better. So long you qualify with the prerequisites set by PMI, you are as good as any applicant. Just that you are poor on confidence. Build self-confidence and go for it. You will emerge triumphant.

The reasons to slow you down or stop may be innumerable. Bear in mind that it’s the strong that survives and succeeds. SO DO IT NOW.

“Its not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary

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