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PRINCE2 – Managing Projects in a Controlled Environment, is one of the well-known, widely acclaimed, and globally recognized certification in Project Management.

Those familiar with Axelos-PRINCE2 (2009) don’t need any introduction. By Mid-2017, Axelos decided to roll out an enhanced edition, which they named as PRINCE-2017.

Recently PRINCE2 has evolved further with changes incorporated in its syllabus, Examinations for both Foundation and Practitioners. The changes reflected are only in English language and for other language supported by Axelos, the release is expected in 2018.

Now you may ask, why Axelos got this change done? What is so different in this new edition?

AXELOS regularly seeks feedback from the international community about the standard and usage of its Certification programs in enhancing the ability of the PRINCE2 certified professionals to manage and deliver projects successfully. The feedback over a period of consultation from 75% of Accredited Organizations (AOs) concurred the need and agreed for an update of the program syllabus and exams. Not only the AOs, but Industry experts and stakeholders were consulted in improving the content to align with the work-environment that’s fast-paced and ever-growing to reap more benefits for the practitioners, customers and other associated benefactors.  

Answering the second part of the question, as to what is so different in this new edition, the themes chapters have been restructured to enhance flow and readability and to accommodate important new material on how to tailor projects.

Besides, The update is characterized by an emphasis on:

● tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and project environments

● the principles that underpin PRINCE2

● greater clarity on the link between the themes and principles

● the restructuring of the themes guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring

Now the next question expected would be, ‘why so much stress on Tailoring’?

As you know, PRINCE2 is extremely flexible, versatile and completely scalable., which  have  always been a key factors in the success of PRINCE2: the method is readily tailored to the needs of any organization. The philosophy and practice of tailoring is a thread that now runs throughout the guidance and the training programme. In fact, it permeates the entire thinking of the PRINCE2 2017 update.

Summary of the changes in PRINCE 2017

With regards to the syllabi: 

In the Foundation level, Addition of chapter 2, 4 and 21;  

Chapter 2: Project Management with PRINCE2

Chapter 4: Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2

Chapter 21: Practical considerations for organizational adoption (Tailoring & Embedding)

Notably the old Chapter 19 (PRINCE2®: TAILORING PRINCE2® TO PROJECT ENVIRONMENT) removed.

Now, there is much emphasis about Tailoring.

In terms of Exam, the changes include:

Foundation Exam

 – Focus is clearly on the core of PRINCE2

- Elements of the exam that are not part of the core have been removed 

- Assessment criteria around tailoring have been added

- The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted

The Practitioner exam 

The major changes include:

● The Practitioner exam will now test candidates on all parts of the PRINCE2 method

● The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted

● The candidate is now tested on the general application of the core of each theme and process and on their practical ability to assess, in a particular context, whether an approach to project management is effective and fit for purpose

● Improvements to the exam design have been made.

In our next blog posting, we will dive deeper about the exams, especially the format, number of questions, duration, pass mark, - and more importantly how does it differ from the previous version.

Watch this space for more information. For any queries, please write to 

Disclaimer: to avoid ambiguity, some of the information used in this blog were sourced from Axelos.

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