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When resignations are rampant and the attrition rate spikes, all the eyes invariably turns on the eyes of the HR as scapegoats, when nothing concrete comes out as evidence for the exit . other than speculations flying thick and fast which twirls into wild rumours, the real reason for someone’ departure is never disclosed, for whatever reasons.

Some of the most heard is “blame the manager”. Fine. What happens if the manager quits? Blame the manager who managed the manager? We can keep going round in circles. The bottom-line – the person was either willing to go or forced to leave. The reasons can be anything – from conjectures to outright conclusions.

Pinning on a person fails to make sense. Rather look at the person leaving. Particularly HR. The HR derives no pleasure as they alone know better the ‘cost of hire’ right from advertising about openings to screening resume and shortlisting and hoping the candidate will clear the countless rounds of interview so that they can close the file or requirement. It can be daunting in cost and effort. And it gets tough on the Hiring manager to bring the ‘new hire’ to speed, the transition in timeline will sometimes roll into months. So overall, it is an expensive exercise that no one wants unless or otherwise forced to engage. Rather, it is far more prudent to retain than release. That’s why many companies consider to ‘talk it through’ the pain points that made the employee severe ties.

And what could be the pain points? The data points collected from various exit interviews and successful retention discussions were pooled and the most striking listed :

Stagnation. When an employee feels grinding the same stone with nothing new but regular, routine, monotonous work, frustration boils and resentment builds badly seeking a release. That’s when they look around. Everyone has an axe to grind. When you do something repeatedly, that’s called monotony or specialist?  Its your take. Somehow the passion in you has replaced with pressure.

 Stunning Offer:  something you can’t resist or refuse. Obviously, it far better than where you are that has made up your mind to move. A great work culture, exciting job responsibilities, eye-popping package with perks and all the freebies and holidays. Sometimes, the allure with the offer tantalizing which is hard to let go . money is a great motivator – the lure of CTC. Not many read CTC as cost, but as ‘package’. Not many realize the grass is just as green on the other side.

Sense of belonging: by far, what many fail to admit or accept is that the employee simply lost  the sense of belonging in in the work place . “I don’t fit in here anymore.” What made the employee draw such a conclusion could be attributed to any factor – may be the manager or the employee itself for underperformance or incompetent. But the unmistakable fact is unless one feels "I belong here", expecting to stay on is simply chasing the wind.

Erosion in trust. It works both ways. The employee loses or the employer. Trust is sacred. Trust is both strong and fragile. So long trust is upheld, it remains strong. But just like one stone to bring down a glass plane, its so brittle. Once doubt creeps, trust dilutes.

Unreasonable timeline. Overwork overburdens. When the effort estimation is not realistic then one has to wake up to reality. Pushing beyond the permissible limits can prove punishing. Expecting productivity is preposterous. Sometimes, one has set reasonable expectations. Stretching in grave situation is acceptable so long the stakeholders concerned are accommodative, failing which the situation simmers with hostility. The person in-charge can hammer about delayed deadline while the programmer under pressure  will cry foul about the fixtures.

The way out is a win-win. Earning confidence is the best way to build a relationship. Times have proved how the crew went beyond their call of duty to combat challenges only because of the confidence and faith placed in them. People management is a practice that many leaders are yet to perfect.

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