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The tongue has no bones but it can break bones. You heard it before, now hear it again.
"Three things that never come back; the spent arrow, the spoken word and the lost opportunity” said William Gregory Paige. So we ought to be careful with the choice of words and its utterance as well. The tone and modality matters too.

At junior level, when cant brook no dissent, seniors must even be even more careful when wielding with words, a word spoken out of line can mar and make matters worse.

When tempers flare, this is expected when people of different opinions are around, even the put a leash to your tongue so that you don’t end putting your foot into your mouth.

An agreement that has be signed didn’t see the ink on its paper because there was a someone said something. Eventually, business suffers?  People suffer.

In a fit of anger we throw a volley or words only to become remorseful for what was spoken cannot be swallowed not the hurt inflicted become can be reverted to normalcy. Something in life are irrevocable.  At some point in time, we all have been guilty.

Recently a co-worker walked away because the superior screamed at her in full force on the floor with everyone watching. Human dignity won’t allow its self-respect to be stepped like a door mat. Collecting herself and whatever leftover on the table, she quit on the spot and walked out. That’s a typical lose-lose situation. She was a performer always ahead of her timeline and never failed to deliver, something she made or said sent spark flying and the senior manager just lost it. The composure crumbled like pieces of cookies. It would be unfair to say that a replacement is impossible after all no person or position indispensable.  But when you are in a team, and develop a rapport build a reputation and there is chemistry when you know ell to count on the performer, find another one to fill that chair is just impossible. Let’s accept that.

You can do the ‘what went wrong’ will be more as post-mortem, but there are two bruised souls licking up their wounds, corporate or conglomerates – they are still humans  bundled with emotions and touch a raw nerve and there is an explosion. In this case, had the superior handled with more care checking the temperament, that’s questionable, the firecrackers could have been avoided. Instead of giving into your emotions, rein in and even reason. The employee that walked was was someone on whom the company had invested time and money in the form training, mentoring, grooming and upskilling, and with one word that turned toxic, would torment the superior no end. Eventually, all things pass but some take quite a bit of time. Like the say there is light at the end of end of tunnel but no know how long is the tunnel. Like, this will pass but the timeline cant be put in days or hours.

To become a better you, take note of what gets you offended quickly and never go there or let it come to you.” 
― Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You


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