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The Best Way To Earn Big Bucks| Enhance Your Earning Power| Professional Certification

A leading job portal screamed about PMP certification “Get up to 23% salary hike.” Are you professionally certified? If you are a project management professional, its best recommended to pursue a professional certificate, the most popular being PMP.


The figure above features the latest from PayScale about the average salary for PMP certified professional. How does compensation get impacted by virtue of certification? That’s a fair question.

 Key Differentiator

The PayScale’s image clearly differentiates the average pay of a PMP certified professional. So one can make out the difference between an uncertified and certified professional. There are many a professional who despite experience are unable to stand out for the fact that they aren’t certified. Hence, there is ‘that’ distinguished factor that sets one apart.

 Win-win for You and your Company

These days, a company is known by its workforce. Clients are setting the minimum requirement of ‘PMP certified’ for manager, and hiring companies either enforce or set as their basic requirement even at the shortlisting stage. Hence, the certification on your profile is not only a value-add to your person but to the company you are associated as well.

 Career advancement

The competitive edge, undoubtedly, stems from the knowledge acquisition. Advanced certification is the measure of depth and applied across domain. The principles and concepts are applicable to varied industry. Be it a computer or civil background as the job necessitates, a PMP will hold good for both. This cross platform is what makes PMP distinct and deserving. The reason for the companies to hire PMP holder is for the credentials in terms of knowledge and understanding.  You can move places and scaled up the ladder, and always the threshold will be an acclaimed and accepted qualification.

Higher Pay

The candidates armed with a PMP always command a higher compensation as compared to their peers. The image above speaks for itself.  The certification is a terrific combination of experience and expertise, and hence commands that kind of pay. Why do experienced hands get overlooked for want of certification? May be, it is the official stamp by a well-recognized and respected governing body to endorse your skillset. PMP is one example that shines out, with the certification from Project Management Institute (PMI). The recognition leads to reward. The earning power soars. In a study sometime back, project managers with a PMP certification earn 20% more on average than project managers that do not have their PMP certification.

 Job opportunities

Many doors will be opened. A whopping 93.5% of PMI certification holders is PMP. Its quite close to 93.5%, out of which 50% is from the United States. The job market is skewed with an imbalance in supply versus demand. The difficulty in sourcing skilled professional is scarce in the industry. As a result, PMP holders are considered niche. With fewer in number, something close to 80000, PMI holders are in demand given the growing demand for certified professionals.

 Professional certifications can vary and differ from domain and industry. We have addressed the ‘niche’ and elite aspect by voicing through ‘PMP’. There are many such professional certifications depending on the subject matter and areas of interest. The common thread that sews up is the success factor: professionally certified profiles are head above shoulders.


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