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Blog Banner Image The PRINCE2 Practitioner Open Book Exam General Tips
The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is an open-book format which enables those taking the exam to access Book(s) prescribed by Axelos.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Examination format 
 . Objective testing 
 . 8 questions - 10 question items per question, each worth one mark 
 . 44 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) - 55%  
 . Two-and-a-half hours (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time  
 .  Open-book exam (official PRINCE2 manual only)

Open-Book -General Tips.
Open-book – is in support and not as main ‘source’ 
It’s easy to be misled that answers are inserted in the book and all one has to do open and everything will unfold. Progress is based on preparation. So an unprepared attempt relying on the open-book completely will expectedly make no headway as the exam is not about rote learning or remembering and recalling answers. In a scenario-based exam, the challenge lies in applying the learning in the given context for which the open-book can serve as ‘aid’ and can never replace the hard hours bunt to bridge the knowledge gap. So open-book serves more as pointers and reference and surely not the study-material during the exam. 

Well-versed with core concepts and subject matter.

The recommendation is to become conversant with core concepts like reading the back of your palm. How else you would able to know what lies where. In the pile of information, searching for the reference to the untrained eye is like being blindsided. The open-book will act as a guide in offering direction to look for material that can be useful while attempting on the answers. The more conversant, the easier it is to track and trace, which saves you time to spare while attempting the hard questions. Besides, you can check and confirm the probable answer by verifying the open-book, provided the answers were known prior and not by chance or second-guess. 

Read, and read again.

the question
If you can’t get it in the first read, try again. The instinct is to eyeball or examine hastily the exam paper to run through all the questions. Understanding the question is the key in answering, and scenarios, in particular, poses the need to read the finer details for better grasp and reach. It is very much possible to miss out on some information or become confused. Enhanceyour comprehension.

Engage. The exam is not extempore effort.

Participation without prior preparation results in poor performance. Exceptions aside, it will be ill-advised to attempt an exam without the groundwork and grooming. One has to engage with the exam planning and readiness to clear the exam in the first attempt. There are mock exams, study aids available, and sample papers similar to that of the final exam. Attempt as many to empower with the relevant knowledge and understanding so as to acquaint and anticipate. It’s never extempore.

Don’t overestimate or oversimplify.

The confident mind can feel supremely strong and takes it easy and consequnetly, complacent. It is not the same as being cool before an exam. A sense of caution is expected than fear or foreboding, at the same time lethargic and laidback attitude will not take you far. Human, by nature, assume the worst and hence overestimate – which impedes progress and success. Open-book, as stated above, is again reiterated not to be interpreted as book of answers. This might make the 'smarts' ones to oversimplify or the 'unprepared' fraught with exam fear to overestimate. Attempt on its merit.

DOs and Don’ts.

You are allowed the access of the Axelos-approved manual. You can mark or add handwritten notes on the manual that can be referred. You can also use post-it notes for identifying sections or jumpstart to a page.
You have to validate the admission of the referenced book by clearly by presenting to the webcam. Open-Book should be emptied of any material concealed intentionally or inadvertently.
You need to open the book and flip pages in front of the camera to ascertain about hidden notes or papers.
You can take the exam from an authorized examination center or your training provider or online. In case, you are doing it online from a place of your choice, ensure complete compliance. 

You cannot attach or affix any sheet or papers other than the allowed ‘book’. Any inserts or attachments or pullout that violates the rules and guidelines will disqualify your candidature.
You cannot have hidden notes inside the book, and hence a prerequisite that the ‘Open-book’ should be subject to inspection of the web camera before the start of exam.
You cannot use any additional information, like sheets or papers other than the book

You can always call on us to clarify any doubts or queries about PRINCE2 exams. For contact information, please click the link or visit our website

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