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Blog Banner Image The Sixth Edition of PMBOK® Guide Will Be Soon Out

The Sixth Edition of PMBOK® Guide Will Be Soon Out | Project Management

PMI (Project Management Institute) is expected to roll out the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition by the third quarter of 2017. It is expected that the draft version of the Sixth Edition is ready by the first or second quarter, and the final version of the Sixth Edition should be available by mid-2017, if things go as planned.

What are the changes expected in the Sixth Edition?

>> The size of the book. Presently, the fifth edition PMBOK® Guide, has 13 chapters that spans 415 pages. The sixth edition is expected to be quarter the size of the 5th edition, which means it should be close to 84 pages and the number of chapters too have come down to 10. So, sixth edition should be 10 chapters with 84 pages in the draft version. By the time sixth edition gets published, PMI  possibly will add more pages. The final number of pages for now is unknown.

>> Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs (ITTOs) – the sixth edition will not dwell deep into ITTOs, rather it will be covered at a high level.

>> The first version of the PMBOK 6th edition is ¼ the size of the PMBOK 5th edition. The 6th editions currently has 10 chapters and 84 pages, while the 5th edition had 13 chapters and 415 pages.

>> Alignment with Process Groups: the sixth edition will be divided based on the 5 process groups, and not the 10 knowledge areas. This is considered a major change as the Role Delineation Study (RDS)  conducted by PMI has presented its findings and proposed the changed to be aligned  with process groups.

>> Combination of first three chapters. In the sixth edition, the first three chapters will be combined as one – the interpersonal skills  of the project manager and organizational skills will be merged in to one.

>>Two processes are expected to be deleted. The Close Procurements process and Estimate Activities Resources are more likely to be deleted.

>>Two knowledge areas to be renamed; Time Management  and Human Resource Management to be renamed.  Time management will be renamed Schedule management, while human resource management becomes Resource Management

>> Knowledge Areas to feature four section. Every knowledge areas will  have four new sections, namely, Key Concepts, Trends and Emerging Practices, Tailoring Considerations and  Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments.

>> An exclusive chapter on role of Project manager.  This chapter on Project Manager will cover the key concepts about core competencies, expertise, leadership skills expected in leading a project.

>> Approaches for Agile  : every knowledge area will be inclusive of a section with  approaches to Agile, Iterative and Adaptive Environments’. This section will  detail the integration of agile practices in project backgrounds.

>> PMI Talent Triangle™: PMI spells the details about the technical skills, business intelligence , and leadership considered the key skills for success. It is also known as Talent triangle.


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