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How long can you dwell in the past? Dust up and wipe the cobwebs for the mind needs fine-tuning and freeing up the bandwidth these cobwebs occupy.  It’s going to be a hard-shell.  We need to step up to sync with the trend that’s fast changing like shifting sands. Steam engine won’t work in 2000 and electric engine will be powerful enough to pull a bullet train.  Just as we change with times and arise to the calling, learning is no different.
We have an understanding about illiteracy. But, ‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn’ – Alvin Toffle

The threat of robots replacing jobs looming large just like the long shadows on an overcast skies. This is not the challenge per se. This is just a part. For the algorithm in the robot can be reworked to make it more intelligent. But what about you?  If much is expected from a robot, the expectations for sure will surge when it comes to man. We are stepping into an era which mandates man to be more dispensable. The endeavor is to eliminate the dependence on human – for instance, the driverless car, self-engaging instruments,  even flying cars in the future.  We are speaking the language of artificial intelligence with robotics gleaning away the role meant for humans. If the sky is no longer the limit, then those fancied becomes a possibility. That’s the philosophy now. 

It is challenging times – critically and constructively. Lethargic, lackadaisical, and laidback attitude won’t carry an inch forward. To be on your toes, you need to stay abreast with the rapid changes all over.  360 degrees. 

Your ‘value add’ for the day can be contested. Companies are extremely competitive that they only want ‘A’ players. How can you become the part of the A team? Confrontation with such uncomfortable poser might sound uncivilized, but then that’s inevitable. If not today, it’s going to pop tomorrow and you better brace yourself. You have to be significantly superior to justify your hire.


Unlearn and relearn. You will realize that your learning will help you winnow the wanted from unwanted. Its about reskilling and upskilling. When a product needs an upgrade, the mind needs more of it. 

So start enrolling for the latest workshops, boot camps, certifications, knowledge hubs. Pursue knowledge. Stay relevant.

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