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By the time Beethoven was in his prime, he was deaf. What about the greatest music compositions? The innate abilities will somehow find its way.

The creations are unique and unequalled. That’s the beauty of life. Mortals can be so different. The law of nature is such that any shortcoming or deficit is made up in its own way. 

I am reminded of the story when one night a blind boy walks beaming torch light in a dark lane. Two boys who happen to walk that way guffaw “why are you lighting that torch when you can’t see?”  The blind boy replies “the light is for you to see. I know this way well.” Stunned, that smirk on their faces was wiped off. That’s when they realized their stupidity and respected the blind boy.

How many of us think street-smart till someone physically challenged humbles us with their human dignity. Remember Hellen Keller’s emotional outpour “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”. It’s awe-inspiring.  Every individual is incredibly talented. 

In this company where I work, the most incredible and impressive aspect are the opportunities provided for the “Differently-abled’ people. I shook hands with that new face and question about his native and he responded through gestures and sound “I have hearing problem and speech too” and for a moment I stood there transfixed. I warmly shook his hands and mouthed a “pleasure meeting you” and never miss to greet him whenever our paths cross. 

When the CEO announced the top performer for the month, , it was that person who went to collect the gift and certificate from the CEO and beamed me huge smile flashing a V sign. Moments like that can make one emotional. Oh yes, I was incredibly happy for him. Despite the physical difficulties. the sheer courage to overcome and become one among the equals. Call it fortitude. That moment of glory is frozen in my memory. They have to complete like any of the employees. My HR confided that we have many such ‘professionals’, An individual career path is carved and can carry oneself with pride as being ‘specially and significantly’ abled. And deliver too.

I was reminded someone saying “life is like a chess board. We cannot get into a white square without crossing the black”. Pearls of wisdom from all the corners of this place that enlighten me and continue to do so.

You don’t have to enlisted in the fortune 500  or rake in millions as turnover. In a small way, you still contribute to the society by hiring people who are ‘specially-abled’ and qualify to be recruited. To me this wasn’t just benevolence or CSR, but very noble to ’have such a heart’ to that you don’t have to big shot in business – just a big heart will do. Awesome!!!

And the company I am associated is iCertGlobal.   

Divya works as Business Manager, and is actively involved with NGOS and charitable institutions. Divya actively contributes to our blogs .She loves arts, music and fond of street-food. 

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