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Project Management is not just a skill well recognized, but also a profession much valued and demanded.  Also, only an adequately qualified professional can give justice to the critical responsibilities of a project manager. 

So, out of so many training programs available, why should anyone opt for PMP® ?  To answer this question, one needs to perform a detailed study of how the certification will sharpen your saw of knowledge and help you nurture skills required in this discipline.  This article is a result of one such detailed understanding of the training program.

Why PMP® ?

1.Global Existence :

PMP® Certification has no geographical restrictions and is recognized worldwide. This certification brings in concepts and standards that are not specific to any industry and so any professional aspiring a career in project management (who also fulfills the eligibility criteria discussed further in the article) can decide to invest time and money in this certification irrespective of which industry they are planning to get employed.

Further, according to the latest survey by Wikipedia, PMP® is considered as a global language spoken by more than 800,000 project management professionals. PMP® certified professionals use the same terminologies, concepts and methodologies in their work.  For this reason, it becomes very easy for professionals to change jobs without any further certifications or upgrades.

2. Win-win in employment :

Employers prefer giving job to PMP® certified professionals rather than non-certified professionals for following reasons:

a)      PMI’s certificate gives a reliable proof that the candidate applying for the project management position, possesses the required skills, experience and knowledge to handle different projects.

b)      PMP® certified professionals save time and cost to the company by application of most effective methodologies in the projects assigned to them.

c)       Also, you can deliver the best quality work when you have not just studied the methodologies but also learnt about the practical implications of the same.

Employees get the following benefits by getting certified in PMI’s PMP® training program:

a)  According to PMI’s Salary Survey PMP® certified project managers tend to get 23% higher salaries than other professionals having similar experience and exposure.

b)  Job seekers with PMP® certification are given preference over other competing candidates, while selecting them for hiring purposes.

c)  Not just does the chances of getting your dream job increases with the help of PMP Certification, but it also helps in opening doors to many other job opportunities as there are many multi-national companies who quotes PMP Certification as a mandate for any Project Manager working with them.

3.  Networking with other PMP® Certified Professionals :

After registering with PMI, you become a member of their professional group and you get an opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences with other professionals within the same discipline.

There are also networking sessions / symposium  arranged by PMI on a regular basis, where every PMP® certified professional gets an opportunity to meet such elite group of other PMP®  certified professionals and build enriching professional relationships with them.

 4. PMBOK® – 6th Edition :

PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) – Sixth Edition, released in September, 2017, is upgraded from its earlier version to include a lot of techniques, processes and terminologies that are in alignment with current industry needs and standards.  It has also removed outdated techniques for better execution of the processes.

Along with other changes like addition of notations and new sections in knowledge areas, a very crucial topic has been introduced in the sixth edition; i.e. introduction of agile methods along with other traditional project management ways.

So, PMBOK® – sixth edition is not only just an upgrades, but also one more important reason for enrolling  with PMP® training program at the earliest.

After considering the benefits of having the PMP® Certification, let’s find out who is eligible to get certified.

Who is eligible for PMP® Certification?

Following are the eligibility criteria for registering with PMP® training program.

Project managers planning to get started with PMP® training, should possess the following:

Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent), and

7,500 hours leading and directing projects, and

35 hours of project management education


Four-year degree

4,500 hours leading and directing projects

35 hours of project management education


If you are a project manager and are aspiring to develop your career in this same discipline, investing into and developing your skills is the most appropriate and the quickest way to achieve your goals.  The best way to achieve this is to get certified from PMI for PMP training program.

According to a research, PMP® is a ‘gold standard’ in project management certifications.  It is also one of the most rated project management courses  in a popular question-answer cum discussion platform.

After so much of research on the effectiveness of PMP® training program, any minute further spent will be a minute less spent on the exciting and absolutely resourceful certification  journey of PMP.

Good Luck!

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