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Top 10 Most Important IT Skills In Demand For 2020 | Fast Track Your Career With These IT Skills

The 10 Most Important IT Skills For 2020

“Skills matter the most and we actually value skills over experience in the grand scheme of things,” says Janelle Gale, Facebook’s vice president of Human Resources to CNBC Make It.
In this blog, let's know more about the 10 Most Important IT skills that are most in-demand and that help you to fast-track your career in the year 2020.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

  2. Big Data Analytics

  3. Cloud Computing

  4. Cyber Security

  5. Project Management

  6. Agile and Scrum

  7. DevOps

  8. Business Analysis

  9. Digital Marketing

  10. Networking

It is always a smart move to expand your skillset to be on top of your career in a fast-changing world where each day brings forward innovations that are changing the professional landscape at the workplace. Each day that you spend in learning is preparing for a better tomorrow for yourself and also for your family.
Learning new skills opens doors, more often than not;

  • To an increase in remuneration,

  • Greater recognition at work,

  • More lucrative job assignments,

  • Paves the way for career acceleration through greater visibility and demand from employers, peers, and potential recruiters.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Machines with intelligence.' AI -Artificial Intelligence is a concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in terms of natural intelligence or stimulation of human behavior.
ML-Machine Learning is an application of AI Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience.

Demand for AI and ML:

According to McKinsey, Artificial Intelligence promises to boost profits and transform industries.
Amazon has achieved impressive results from its $775 million acquisition of Kiva, a robotics company that automates picking and packing. Netflix has also achieved impressive results from the algorithm it uses to personalize recommendations to its 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Sectors leading to AI adoption today also intend to grow their investment the most.
The below data represents the leading sectors adopting AI.

AI Demand Forecast Sectors

Average Annual Salaries of AI and ML:

According to,

Average Annual Salaries of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professionals in the United States

How AI and ML are shaping the world?

According to Microsoft,

Biggest environmental challenges can be faced when human ingenuity and technology meet.

  • Farmers use AI to scale the growth of crops

  • Physics-enabled AI models help everyone understand the climate-related risk at the hyper-local level.

  • Collecting farmland data in the cloud and making it available to farmers to enable precision agriculture.

  • Using satellites and AI to preserve biodiversity, protect livelihoods, and prevent slavery in the seafood industry.

  • AI and citizen scientists work together to fight extinction.

  • Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS) uses AI to aid conservationists in the fight against poaching by utilizing machine learning, AI planning, and behavior modeling.

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) certification goals, please visit our Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Certification Training Course and Machine Learning Certification Training Course on our website.

2. Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is a process of examining a large set of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. It helps to identify new opportunities and guide to smarter business moves.

Demand for Data Science and Big Data Analytics:

According to Market Expert24,

Data Science Platform Market is expected to grow from USD +19 Billion in 2016 to USD +101 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of +38% from 2019 to 2025.
According to IBM, by 2020 the number of positions for data and analytics talent in the United States will increase by 364,000 openings, to 2,720,000.

Average Annual Salaries of Data Scientists:
According to,

How Data Science and Big Data Analytics are shaping the world?

  • According to, Data science helped Zoomcar (Self Driven Service) capture 75% of Indian market.

  • According to, Data science could help Californians battle future wildfires.

    For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Data Science Certification goals, please visit our Data Science Certification Training Courses on our website.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services over the Internet (the cloud) offering faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. The computing services include storage, servers, software, analytics, databases, networking, and intelligence.

Demand for Cloud Computing: There is a huge demand for cloud computing services. According to Forbes, IDC predicted that by 2022, 70% of enterprises will integrate cloud management.

Average Annual Salary of Cloud Architect: According to,

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Cloud Computing Certification goals, please visit our website.

4. Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a practice of protecting data from malicious attacks or unauthorized access. It ensures integrity, confidentiality, and availability (ICA) of information.

Demand for Cyber Security:

According to Cybercrime Magazine, Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. To mitigate these damages, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021.

Average Annual Salary of Cyber Security Professionals:

According to,

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Cyber Security Certification goals, please visit our website.

5. Project Management

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing of projects to achieve business goals within a constrained time.

Demand for Project management:

According to,

By 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles.

Attrition, particularly as seasoned practitioners reach retirement age, is creating many project-related job openings. Leading sectors with job openings due to attrition are shown in the image below:

(Source: Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027)

Average Annual Salary of Certified Project Management Professionals:

According to,


For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Project Management Certification goals, please visit our website.

6. Agile and Scrum

Agile is an iterative method to develop software step by step taking frequent reassessment whenever required, instead of delivering the whole product after completion. Agile is a framework and there are various approaches to implement agile. Scrum is one of the most popular ways to implement agile.

According to the 12th Annual State of Agile Report, The Scrum Methodology is most widely used amongst software development teams as it divides complicated tasks to user stories.

Agile Methodologies and Practices

Demand for Agile and Scrum:

According to the report by EY: Digital Transformation for 2020 and beyond, Global Telecommunications Study, improved organizational agility is at the heart of successful digital transformation.

Average Annual salary of Agile Coach Scrum Master

According to,

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Agile and Scrum Certification goals, please visit our website.

7. DevOps

DevOps is a collaborative approach of Software Development (Dev), Technology Operations (Ops), and Quality Assurance. This enables businesses to build, test, iterate and release software faster and in a more efficient manner.

Demand and Scope for DevOps:

According to,

The worldwide DevOps software tools market achieved a level of $5.2 billion in 2018. The market is forecast to reach $15 billion in 2023.

Average Annual salary of DevOps Engineer

According to,

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your DevOps Certification goals, please visit our website.

8. Business Analysis

"Business analysis is the practice of enabling change in an enterprise by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to clients".

Demand and Scope for Business Analysis:

According to IIBA 2018 Annual Business Analysis Salary Survey Summary Report,

The U.S. Bureau of labor indicates that Business Analysis is one of the highest growing occupations, with 14% growth projected between 2014-2024.

Average Annual Salary of Certified Business Analysts:

According to,

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Business Analysis Certification goals, please visit our website.

9. Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing is implementing marketing strategies through digital channels like Search, Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile and Video Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics to increase brand recall, leads, sales, and business for organizations.

    What separates digital marketing from traditional marketing is that it is:

  • Scalable: You can scale your marketing initiatives across geographies and digital has the ability to allow marketers to implement their strategies across the globe through various media as mentioned above.

  • Measurable: Each click, lead, enquiry, and sale is measurable giving superior insights on Return on Investment for better business monitoring and performance.

  • Targeted: Digital marketing is targeted and focused and can be used across countries and languages and also pinpointed to within a certain radius.

  • Granular: The granularity of drilling down on data, analytics and metrics that count for the business make it a must implement marketing strategy for companies and businesses looking to win in a fast-changing digital world.

Demand and Scope for Digital Marketing:

According to the report by Market Hiring Trends,

There is a considerable gap between the supply and demand of digital marketing professionals. The demand stood at around 59%, but the supply was only 19%.

Digital Marketing Demand Supply Gap
Taking up an in-demand Digital Marketing Certification Course will help you increase employability.

Average Annual Salary of Digital Marketing Manager:

According to, Average Annual Salary of Digital Marketing Manager can go as high as, $127,690/year.

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Digital Marketing Certification goals, please visit our website.

10. Networking

Networking is the practice of exchanging or transporting data between nodes in an information system through a shared medium. Devices are connected through switches, routers and wireless access points.

Demand for Networking:

The companies have expanded their IT networks over the last decade resulting in high demand for network engineers.

Popular certifications in Networking are Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNA)

Average Annual Salary of Certified Network Engineers:

According to,

The average annual salary of CCNP Professional is $108,474/year.

The average annual salary of CCNA Professional is $84,424/year.

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to achieve your Networking Certification goals, please visit our website.

For more information on how you can accelerate your career with these certifications, visit us at or call now on +1-713-287-1213 / 1214 or e-mail us at info {at} icertglobal {dot} com. 

Know more about our Professional Certification Training Courses for preparing for the below mentioned recommended certifications.

Recommended Courses:

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Top 10 High Paying Certifications to Target in 2020 | Cyber Security, AWS, Google Cloud, Data Science, PMP, CSM

10 Top Paying Certifications To Target In 2020

2019 has been a great year so far! Many new technologies grabbed a lot of attention this year. It will continue to shape up the future and beyond. Cloud Computing, Internet of Things(IoT), Big Data, Cyber Security, and other emerging technologies are changing the way companies do business and taking technology innovation to a higher level.

In this highly competitive and technology-driven world, wherein everyone is giving their best to prove their excellence and stand out in the crowd. Professional certification helps to scale up and stay updated with the latest  technology trending  in the industry. Along with many job opportunities for candidates, Professional Certifications also helps employers to select the potential candidate.

The 10 top-paying certifications to target in 2020 are:

1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional® (CISSP)

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

3. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect 

4. Big Data Certification

5. Data Science Certification

6. Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control (CRISC)

7. Certified Information Security Manager(CISM)

8. Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification

9. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

10. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)  

Search queries for the term 'cyber security certifications' over the past five years, as per Google Trends

Data dt. 8th November 2019.

Search queries for Cyber Security Certifications


Search queries for the term, 'scrum certification' over the past five years, as per Google Trends
Data as of 8th November 2019. 


Search queries for Scrum Certification


Comparison of Cyber Security courses search queries (CISSP, CEH, CISM, and CRISC), over the past five years from 2014 onwards until date, as per Google Trends. Data dt. 8th November 2019.


Comparison of searches for various Cyber Security Courses, as per data from Google Trends


1. Certified Information System Security Professional® (CISSP)


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a certification accredited by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, (ISC)², is one of the world's largest IT security organizations. CISSP certified professionals are considered specialists on key security issues. This includes mobile security, risk management, application development security, cloud computing, among others. 


According to Cybercrime Magazine, Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that, cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. To mitigate these damages, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021.


· They also predict that there will be 6 billion Internet users by 2022 (75 percent of the projected world population of 8 billion) — and more than 7.5 billion Internet users by 2030 (90 percent of the projected world population of 8.5 billion, 6 years of age and older).


According to, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) salary can go as high as $171,000


CISSP Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.


CISSP Salary in USA


Eligibility criteria:


- Have a minimum 5 years of cumulative paid full-time work experience in two or more of the 8 domains of the (ISC)² CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)


- One-year experience waiver can be earned with a 4-year college degree, or regional equivalent or additional credential from the (ISC)² approved list.


How to become a Certified Information System Security Professional®( CISSP)?


Get trained for CISSP which validates your knowledge on information security. Apply for CISSP online, clear the exam, and you must ask an (ISC)² credential holder who can attest to your industry experience to complete an endorsement form for you if (ISC)² randomly selects(ISC)² -certified individuals for auditing. Successful completion of the certification entitles to automatic membership to the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)² Membership. The CISSP certification has a three-year validity. You need 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits for renewal.


2. AWS Certified Solution Architect


AWS Certified Solutions Architects are one of the leading professionals in cloud computing. This certification is accredited by Amazon Web Services. AWS architect is someone who can evaluate an organization's requirements in cloud computing and make architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying applications on AWS. 


According to Forbes,


· Currently, 69% of businesses are already utilising cloud technology and it is predicted that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud by 2020.

· The public cloud market is expected to reach $236 billion by 2020, and AWS is the topmost cloud computing player with a 43% yearly growth.


According to,  AWS Certified Solutions Architect’s salary can go as high as $202,000


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Average Annual Salary in the United States
Data as of 1st November 2019.


AWS Solutions Architect Avg Annual Salary in the USA


Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure appeal to many organizations because of their stated features, such as pay per use, ability to scale up or down based on usage, high resiliency, and self-service. All these benefits are expected to lead to much lower IT costs, faster time to market, and better service quality compared with traditional IT offerings.


Eligibility criteria:


- At least one-year hands-on experience in cloud and AWS. These professionals should know about topics such as business continuity, deployment management, network design, data storage, security, scalability and elasticity, cloud migration and hybrid architecture.


How to become an AWS Certified Solution Architect?


First, you will need to set up an AWS Account. All AWS certifications are conducted at PSI test-taking facilities—typically a local community college. By taking up AWS Solution Architect training course you get well-versed with concepts, fundamentals,  architectural best practices, designs and deployment of scalable systems on AWS.


3. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect


Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is currently the industry standard to help you emerge above the rest in this cloud job world. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has evolved from being a niche player to a serious competitor to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. According to Fiormarkets, Global cloud computing market is expected to reach USD 712.83 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 18.46% from 2018 to 2025.


As per an article on, according to Gartner TalentNeuron, an online real-time labour market insight portal, “there are about 50,248 cloud computing positions available in the U.S. from 3,701 employers, and 101,913 open positions worldwide.”


According to, the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect‘s salary can go as high as $201,500/year.


Google Cloud Platform - Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.


Google Cloud Platform Average Annual Salary in thhe United States


Eligibility Criteria:


The Cloud Architect should have 3+ years of industry experience as well as 1-year designing and building solutions on Google Cloud Platform.


How to become a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect?

Register with Google cloud, Enhance your skill in Cloud adoption plans, Cloud application design, Cloud management and monitoring, Application architecture, Deployment strategies and get certified.


4. Big Data Certification


"Big data" is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software.

A Big Data Certification will equip you with the skills and knowledge to tackle the 3 Vs of Big Data - Volume, Velocity, and Variety


For professionals, who are skilled in Big Data Analytics, there is an ocean of opportunities out there. There is a huge demand for big data professionals in industries like entertainment, automobile, government, education etc. According to Forbes, IBM stated that by 2020, the number of jobs for all US data professionals will increase by 364,000 openings to 2,720,000.


According to, Big Data Certified proffesional’s salary can go as high as $196,000/year


Big Data Analytics - Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.


Big Data Analytics Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility criteria:


There is no such eligibility criteria to take up Big Data Certification. Preferable to be acquainted with the Core Java and SQL.


How to get certified in big data?


Enhance your skill by enrolling in Big data certification course. Prepare yourselves with quality study material and attempt as many mock exams to check and confirm your proficiency about the subject matter.


5. Data Science Certification:


Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.


The Data Scientist certification is a certification which validates data scientist’s knowledge on SAS, R, Hadoop, Python and Spark and how to use data concepts such as data exploration, visualization hypothesis testing, and predictive analytics. There is a huge demand for Data Scientists in industries like Aerospace industry, IT industry, e-commerce industry and healthcare industry. According to Forbes, IBM predicts that demand for Data Scientists will increase by 28% by 2020. IBM also predicts that 59% of all Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job demand is in Finance and Insurance, Professional Services, and IT.


According to, the Data Science Certified professional's salary can go as high as $185,000/year


Data Scientist - Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.

Data Scientist - Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility Criteria:


There are no prerequisites for this data science online training course. 


How to get certified in Data Science?


Go for the Data scientist training course. Gain well-versed knowledge on using tools such as statistic hypothesis testing, clustering, decision trees, linear and logistic regression, R studio and Data Visualization. Pass the exam and get certified as a Data Scientist.


6. Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control (CRISC)


The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is the certification accredited by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) which engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. CRISC professionals are one of of the highest-paid employee. The curriculum is based on 4 domains prescribed by ISACA.


Domain 01 - Risk Identification

Domain 02 - Risk Assessment

Domain 03 - Risk Response

Domain 04 - Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting


According to,

· More than 20,000 professionals worldwide have earned the CRISC to affirm their business and IT risk management competence, and their ability to design, implement, monitor and maintain effective, risk-based information systems controls.


· More than 1,300 CRISC holders are CIOs, CISOs, or chief compliance, risk or privacy officers and over 600 are CEOs, CFOs or equivalent executives.


CRISC certification makes you highly valuable to enterprises seeking to manage IT risk as a critical component of the innovation process.


According to, the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) salary can go as high as $143,000/year


CRISC Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.


CRISC Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility Criteria:

According to ISACA, The requirements for CRISC Certification – 2015 exams and later are:


- Successful completion of the CRISC examination

- Three (3) or more years of cumulative work experience performing the tasks of a CRISC professional across at least two (2) CRISC domains, of which one must be in Domain 1 or 2, is required for certification. There are no substitutions or experience waivers.

- This experience must have been gained within the 10-year period preceding the application date for certification or within five years of passing the examination.

- A completed application must be submitted within 5 years from the date of initially passing the examination.


How to become a Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control (CRISC)?


First, candidates must register and pay a non-refundable and non-transferable fee prior to becoming eligible to schedule their test. To register for the CRISC exam, candidates must create an ISACA profile at After the login, candidates can schedule the exam. Candidates who clear the examination need to pay a maintenance fee and earn a minimum of 20 contact hours of CPE annually. Additionally, a minimum of 120 contact hours is required during a fixed 3-year period.


7. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Data as of 1st November 2019.


Certified information security manager (CISM) is accredited by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). CISM supervises enterprise information security. As recommended by ISACA, There are 4 primary domains to be focused on to get CISM Certification:


· Information Security Governance.


· Information Risk Management.


· Information Security Program Development and Management.


· Information Security Incident Management.


According to, the Certified information security manager (CISM) salaries can reach up to $216,000 per year.


CISM Average Annual Salary in the United States


CISM Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility criteria:


- A completed application must be submitted within 5 years from the date of initially passing the examination.


- All experience must be verified independently with employers.


- This experience must have been gained within the 10-year period preceding the application date for certification or within five years of passing the examination.


- Three (3) years of the five (5) years of work experience must be gained performing the role of an information security manager


- In addition, this work experience must be broad and gained in three (3) of the four (4) CISMR domains


How to become a certified information security manager (CISM)?


Take up the course, gain knowledge on four domains and register with ISACA or exam locator.  Every year, the exam is offered by ISACA during the designated testing of windows. Clear the exam and get credentials. Continuing education credits are required each year to maintain your certification.


8. Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification

Data as of 1st November 2019.


Project Management Professional (PMP)  accredited by Project Management Institute (PMI) is an industry-standard certification which is globally recognized. According to the PMI (2013). Talent Gap: Project Management through 2020 article by the Project Management Institute, Inc. - Through the decade ending in 2020, 15.7 million new project management roles will be created. The profession is expected to grow by US$6.61 trillion. Now is the time for professionals and job-seekers to build project management skills, as demand for these skills outstrips supply.


The PMP Certification has consistently been among the top ranked certifications worldwide and according to the 10th edition of PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey, Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Earning Power Report reveals a significant advantage in earning potential for PMP® certified practitioners. Survey respondents holding the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification reported higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification―23% higher on average across the 37 countries surveyed.


A PMP certification demonstrates your Project Management knowledge, experience, and skills to potential employers and clients. It also provides professional skills necessary to lead project teams and bring projects to successful completion. A PMP certification will enable you to command higher salaries than non-certified individuals by showcasing competencies in leading and directing projects. Accelerate and expand the scope of your career with a globally recognized and in-demand certification. Know more about our PMP Exam Prep Certification Training courses at a location near you


According to, Project Management Professional's salary can go as high as $172,000


PMP - Average Annual Salary in the United States


PMP Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility criteria:

For Graduates:


- 3 years or 4,500 hours of project management experience


- 35 hours of project management education


For non-graduates


- 5 years or 7,500 hours of project management experience


- 35 hours of project management education


How to become a Project Management Professional (PMP) ®?

Create a professional profile by signing up at Take 35 hours of PMP® Certification training course. For a special discount on PMP exam application fee and the access to a free PDF copy of the PMBOK Guide, apply for PMI membership. Fill the online application within 90 days. You can schedule the exam at your nearest test centres. Once you qualify the test, get PMP® certification. Your credentials are valid for only three years. You need to maintain your PMP® certification by earning 60 PDUs to fulfil the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR).

Test your level of preparation for the PMP (Project Management Professional) Examination. 
Free Download full-length PMP Exam Practice Test with 200 PMP Questions. 

9. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)


Certified Ethical Hacker, accredited by EC-Council(The international council of E-Commerce consultants), validates the baseline knowledge on five phases of ethical hacking. These are:


· Reconnaissance,

· Gaining Access,

· Enumeration,

· Maintaining Access,

· Covering your tracks.


CEH Stimulates the real-time threats, counter-defensive mechanisms to eliminate threats and protective measure to prevent attacks. CEH simulates real-time threats, counter-defensive mechanisms to eliminate threats and protective measure to prevent attacks and breaches.  There is a difference between Hacker and ethical hacker. Hacker hacks the system and steals the information, while CEH defends attacks and threats using the same techniques the hacker used. CEH professionals are in-demand and are internationally recognized because of the continuous updates of tools and techniques.


According to, Certified Ethical Hacker salaries can go up to $220,000 per year.


CEH - Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.

CEH Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility criteria:


There is no such eligibility criteria to take up CEH. Basic knowledge of  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is advised.


How to become a Certified Ethical Hacker?


Take up training on CEH to learn tools and programs used for security, ethics, network security etc. With the knowledge of the above mentioned skills, you can pass the exam. The CEH certification is valid for three years and can be renewed by earning 120 continuing education credits within the three-year period.


10. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)  


Certified Scrum Master, accredited by Scrum Alliance validates the knowledge of Agile principles and practices and makes you more noticeable than others. According to the State of Agile report, the Scrum Methodology is most widely used amongst software development creating many job opportunities.


According to, Certified Scrum Master Salary can reach from median of  $118,353/year to $160,000/year.


CSM - Average Annual Salary in the United States

Data as of 1st November 2019.

CSM Average Annual Salary in the United States


Eligibility criteria:

There is no such eligibility criteria to take up CSM. You can become a Certified Scrum Master regardless of your educational background.


How to become a Certified Scrum Master?

To become a certified Scrum Master, you need to take the Certified Scrum Master course from Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) or Scrum Alliance Authorized Trainer. Scrum Alliance will send you a link to create login credentials after completion of course. Clear the exam and get certified along with two-year membership with Scrum Alliance.


For more information on how you can accelerate your career with these certifications, visit us at or call now on +1-713-287-1213 / 1214 or e-mail us at info {at} icertglobal {dot} com. 


Know more about our Professional Certification Training Courses for preparing for the above certifications.


CISSP Certification Training Courses


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training Courses


Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Certification Training Courses


Big Data Certification Training Courses


Data Science Certification Training Courses


CRISC Certification Training Courses


CISM Certification Training Courses


PMP Certification Training Courses

Free Download: PMP Practice Test with 200 Questions

CEH Certification Training Courses


CSM Certification Training Courses 


We provide instructor-led classroom and instructor-led live online training across the globe. We also provide Corporate Training for enterprise workforce development


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The Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

In this digital era, the technologies are accelerating at a phenomenal pace. The world of business is witnessing the revolution with the adoption of latest technology trends. The only thing that is constant in the world of technology is “change” These emerging technologies are advancing at different rates which will rule the new decade. Here is the list of technologies that will bring a tremendous turnover in terms of knowledge yield, prospects and promising opportunities in the coming year 2020:
1)  Artificial Intelligence (AI): “Machines with intelligence”. In today’s world, we can witness AI being used in every industry such as health care, banking, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication etc. It is gradually playing a vital role in our day to day life. From face recognition in every new smart phone to Alexa being family member, AI is everywhere! As AI is growing rapidly and adopted in all the sector of society and the current ideas and trends would mature in continuous basis, there is a huge demand of skilled AI professionals. Up-Skilling on AI now will help you gain job assurance in future.
2)  5G data networks: The 5th generation of internet connectivity with super-fast data networks will be ready to spread the wings and fly high in 2020. Already being launched on April 2019 in South Korea and being successful, the implementation of 5G is reaching everywhere rapidly. The increased bandwidth will enable faster data transfer with simple setup process. 5G is a unique combination of high speed connectivity, ubiquitous coverage and very low latency will not only support phones, Tablets, it will also support smart vehicles. Internets of Things (IoT) Operators have huge demand as it requires continuous innovation and collaboration with other industry. Automotive & Transportation (A&T) is expected to be the #1 sector for adoption of 5G technologies in IoT applications.
3)  IoT: (Internet of Things) - It is made up of devices that connect to the internet and shares data with each other. IoT devices are not only smart phones, computers or laptops, but it also includes devices equipped with chips to communicate data over network such as robotic vacuum cleaners, smart speakers etc. According to IoT analytics, it is estimated that by 2025, there will be more than 21 billion devices connected to the internet (IoT devices). Through IoT AI will continue to grow bigger, Routers will become more secure and 5G will add fuel to IoT growth.
4)  Automation: With the rapid growth of AI, Automation is at its peak and will continue to rule in 2020. With the help of Automation everything will be made more accessible and easily available especially in manufacturing industry where high volume repetitive tasks are expected to be completed in short time, machines can be programmed for higher efficiency. In this hyper competitive world, it will increase connectivity and reliability and create many opportunities for business. Collaboration of AI, Machine learning and robotics results in mass adoption of automation in medical, customer service , hospitality services, education etc. 
5)  NLP: Natural Language processing takes technology to the next level by understanding the common language used by the user. Through NLP, the contexts will be clearer to new technologies, even though the complex algorithms are involved to make this happen. Being a component of AI, Syntax and semantic analysis techniques are used and it is booming day by day and it will continue in 2020 by reaching enterprise search which will allow organizations to use chatbots for customer support on an enterprise level.
6)  Block Chain Technology: It is a record keeping technology where the digital information such as transactions, health records, property records, votes , supply chains are stored in database which is cryptographically secure and with lower processing fees. In today's world, every information is stored in digital manner and will continue in every sector. The block chain technology is widely used by startups raising the requisite capital growth. Startups are going to accept mass adoption of blockchain technology in 2020. .We can also expect the launch of Facebook's own blockchain-based crypto currently Libra in 2020.
7)  Edge Computing: Edge computing allows data produced by Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds. Edge computing enables sending important data over the network which reduces the data traversing the network. Edge Computing provides storage resources with adequate connectivity (networking) close to the devices generating traffic with low latency, high bandwidth and storage.
8)  Facial Recognition: In coming years, your face will become the ideal technology partner in every industry. Not only smartphones, all smart devices will have a face recognition feature. There are many facial recognition tools such as Amazon Rekognition, Microsoft Face API, Google cloud vision etc. which are rapidly growing in the all industry especially in crime boards It also enhanced ability to detect crime patterns and modus operandi across the states and communicate to the state police departments for aiding in crime prevention.
9)  Extended Reality (XR): Extended reality refers to virtual, augmented and mixed reality. In the world of entertainment, it is widely being used in gaming sector, theaters, theme parks etc. VR, Virtual reality is already being experienced in recent days by entering computer generated world with headsets that takes far from reality. AR, Augmented reality enables us to interact with digital objects. In 2020, it will not only be used in the entertainment industry, but also in training and stimulation.
10) Predictive and Prescriptive Analyticis: With the growing industry, Predictive and Prescriptive analysis plays a very important role. It is an analytical solution to extract data which helps in decision taking tasks with the flood of data available. Predictive data analytics provides companies with actionable insights based on data which can be used throughout the organization, from forecasting customer behavior and purchasing patterns to identifying trends in sales activities. Prescriptive analytics use a combination of techniques and tools such as business rules, algorithms, machine learning and computational modeling and procedures. Larger companies are successfully using prescriptive analytics to optimize production scheduling and inventory in the supply chain. 
2020 is going to be very interesting in terms of new and emerging technologies leading to mass adoption and resulting in opening of doors for new job opportunities worldwide.

For more information on how iCert Global can help you to accelerate your career as a certified professional, visit us at

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Here Is Why You Should Consider Doing A Blockchain Certification Seriously.

Blockchain has emerged as one of the most major developments in information technology. 

Before we proceed further, what is Blockchain?

Think of the need where you need to track transactions. Banking is at the foremost. In fact, if Blockchain shapes us as it is predicted and projected, it will have a huge impact on banks and banking. ‘Blockchain’ is a disruptive technology and if implemented, traditional way of banking will have to move and make way for the digitalized and encrypted version.

Blockchain is a public distributed database system that functions as an “open ledger” to store and record and manage transactions. A block is the recording of a current transaction, which after verification will become integrated as permanent part. Each record in the database is called a block. This record will hold all the information like the timestamp of the transaction made and the link to any previous block [transaction].

So every transaction becomes a block and growing transactions becomes Blockchain. When it is said distributed, it means the data resides in numerous servers across the globe. Bitcoin, which is a crypto currency, is an implementation of Blockchain. The technology that drives Bitcoin is Blockchain.

Blockchain and the Financial Industry
Think of Blockchain as ledger for financial services or contracts. The big numbers handled by Big Data, and the technology enabler through Blockchain is making the financial institutions look hard at this prospect seriously. Blockchain as vouched by some of the leading lights in the industry state that the transaction time is much faster. Oliver Bussmann, CIO of UBS says that blockchain technology could “pare transaction processing time from days to minutes.”

With the scale of transactions taking place on a daily basis globally, the data lake of that scale which contains the complete history of transaction will call for Big Data and tools in to action. Blockchain stands for the integrity of the ledger, and the analysis can be handled through Data Analytics. So, Big data and Data Analytics have a huge role to play.

It’s a given that this technology is still at its infancy and there are many challenges to be cleared, but the upside of Blockchain is impossible to neglect.

In this context, place the Microsoft’s partnership with consulting firm EY, and that gives the big picture of Blockchain and the opportunities that lay ahead.
And that’s Why You Should Consider Doing a Blockchain Certification. 

You can always reach us at or visit our website to engage in a live chat with our Program consultants.  

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DevOps Is A Good Career Move.

Any position you pursue in tech is going to require your complete dedication to achieve success.

DevOps area has a lot of growth potential in the future. This holds true for those with programming experience and data/system administrators.

Come to face it, as a developer you need to roll your sleeves and engage with the operations to check if code really complies. And as administrator, it is the practice in large and small organizations to automate the operation, and these days Administrator who and develop fail to contribute more than the prescribed job description. So it’s like developers who can administer or administrators who can develop cant stay competitive nor add value to their organization

DevOps is finding a bridge that can strike that can balance both sides’ expectations. Its about integrating technologies and lets the professionals branch out beyond and find solution to challenges posed in developing and operational aspects. How can they co-exist without affecting the eco-system? It’s not a trade-off, rather a merger of minds aiming to accomplish the same objective that was so far handled independently in the role of developers and operations. 

The balance has to be regulated to ensure smooth transitioning. As DevOps professional, you have to carry the mindset of two roles, which means you have to keep pushing the code and ensure smooth running of the operations. It’s like donning two hats at the same time. It may not as simple as stated and needs an expertise and competency in handling both coding and operation, and integrating them in the systems and process, ensuring harmony in execution and outcome/

DevOps to a great extent can pin down the blame game which usually happens, and strive towards contributing to the success of the enterprise ecosystem. DevOps is a recent development and the opportunities are great to tap by professionals with potential. 

According to Payscale, the average pay for a Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer is $90,361 per year. With experience, the pay is expected to go up, and skillset in certain tools will have positive impact resulting in a higher pay.

You can visit our website to know more about our DevOps Certification Training program.

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Clients Building Own Internal Technology Skills

A recent article about IBM was titled the same as of this article. So, there is no claim about the ownership that rightfully belongs to IBM, but the message is clear and universal, and applicable to one and all.

Companies these days are trying to cut down the dependencies. What was once outsourced is now considered to be developed in-house.? Why do we outsource?

Why can’t we? These questions crop-up.

The cost aside, companies are concerned about the control and ownership.  It proves cost-effective to get things done outside and hence outsource. The realization has set in that exist an opportunity to hone skills within and companies are willing to invest in their workforce than scout elsewhere. It is to advance their own workforce in terms of skillset and also engage in emerging technologies that corporates are on the lookout for their own “data scientists and architects to be better equipped to work with us to build out these solutions .

It is impossible to have everything in-house. Practically not possible.  Indispensable is a far cry, and hence companies are willing to settle for interdependencies. The eco-system is such that we need one another, but how much of a dependency is acceptable? It5 can be understood from the article that IBM, which is a technology powerhouse, is focused on ‘strategic imperatives - which is building new offerings in analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain

The question is: are you conversant with these technologies. Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain seem to be hitting high notes and the need and necessity for a professional certifications in these niche technologies will validate your competencies and vouch for your capabilities, to help your company grow or get into new service lines to maximize business and optimize resources.

iCertGlobal has a slew of professional certifications that covers a gamut of courses from project management to cyber security, to analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain. Please visit our website to know more about our core offerings and the opportunities for you to make the most and advance your career.

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Some of the recent headlines were so shocking that made stunned people all over the world. The links are presented for anyone who cares to read further and know for themselves. 

Industrial espionage goes a long way back to the mid-90s [remember the incident in Intel when one of the employees tried to sell sensitive documents to competitor].

How did Volkswagen dupe millions of car owners, flout stringent US norms? 

Apple hack exposes flaws in building apps behind 'Great Firewall'

Apple Removes 300 Infected Apps from App Store | WIRED 

Apple Targeted as Malware Infects China Mobile Apps - WSJ

In the digital era, the cybercrime is quite steep given the climbing numbers and catastrophic consequences. The links listed aren't of distant past but relatively new - some or still unveiling and some under investigation. What shocks the learned and layperson is when technology is no longer nascent why the threat should not be nipped in the bud? Nipped?! These bloopers don’t blossom from a bud – be it insider job or outsider, but come to light after shaking our faith and foundation.

The worst threat for now is the cyber threat and measures are mounted to step up cyber security despite which the crime rate scaling is both puzzling and perplexing. If there are breaches in security, the damage could be colossal, making it mandate in tying the loose ends. The best anti-virus is unable to prevent a malware from harming the programs; the best social engineering is not able to mitigate but only makes lives miserable. Ashley Madison hack’s ramification ruined personal life and which is an intrusion into privacy and revelation is damning both to the customers and commerce. When powerhouses like apple’s app store with a reputation of rigid and robust ‘firewall’ is no longer impregnable, anything can be infiltrated, and as endorsers or end-users we lost our insulation and immunity. 

Software is susceptible 

Every software is susceptible and hardware vulnerable? So where is the power of protection? Unfortunately there is no anti-dote ready that can anticipate attack and annihilate the assailant. Surely some minds are busy at ‘work-is-in-progress’ in chalking out a solution. A more complex encryption or safe vault or something very innovative and effective. When the shadow of the danger grows in size threat looms large. 

Disturbing as it gets for the very hand trusted was the one that gave it away. One can defend from outside but how to discern that ‘insider’. Even after closing all gaps, plugging holes, locking doors, securing and sanitizing, how does that slip happen and that too under our very nose? TECHNOLOGY.

Technology is always a double-edged sword. The insiders also use ‘Cloud’ facilities to make away with their goodies. Cloud services are proving to be almost indispensable. Line up the companies offering cloud capabilities and it will feature the heavyweights in the industry: Amazon, Microsoft, apple. So as a safety chute should we just shut down access to the services so that any possible ‘breach’ prevented? Or restrict access? The sanction of cloud services are strictly on need and merit and of course trust.

The vast majority of cloud services don’t encrypt data (as opposed to in transmission), only 15% support multi-factor authentication, and even fewer (6%) are ISO certified, says Sky high CEO Rajiv Gupta. (ISO 27001 was created in 2013 to ensure that security risks and threats to the business are assessed and managed, that physical security processes such as restricted access are enforced consistently, and that audits are conducted regularly.) [source :]

Because it’s so difficult to monitor and regulate employees’ use of file-sharing sites and other cloud services, many CIOs grapple with the whole issue.

So what are the defence mechanisms with regard to data security in cloud?

Data hashing is a technology that creates a hash, or specific code, to identify a given dataset. This allows the integrity of the data to be checked every time the data is used or accessed by a credential individual at the firm. Hashing would prevent data from being changed by an unauthorized third party.

Digital watermarks allow data to be tracked. While this approach does not protect the data, it does allow it to be linked back to the individual who placed it on a cloud or at an unsanctioned location, making that person potentially responsible for any consequences to the data’s misappropriation.

Researchers are attempting to create simple yet effective means of facilitating cross-cloud single-sign-on authentication, where a “foreign” cloud provider is required to gain trusted third-party status from the “home” cloud before being able to communicate with the user and the user’s applications.

Still the advice holds well that sensitive and critical data is guarded and under heavy security and scrutiny.

SalesForce recently introduced Salesforce Shield to protect its cloud apps assuring users that the encryption is by far the best and chances of breach is very slim. But can it be slammed down from slim to simply impossible?

We scratched the surface with regard to Data Defence with Cloud based survives. In the next post, let us look at ways to safeguard out data against any attack.

We welcome your thoughts about Data Security…..

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Reskill to get Ready

When automation posed solid threat to ‘manpower utilization’ endangering jobs, the concern was to stay reliant in rising up and above the order of the day. Present times prove to be even more critical often confronting competencies, by checking “are you relevant to the changing times by reskilling”.  It is this alignment that is becoming worrisome. From neutralizing the threat from robots to our career, times have changed when we need to think about managing the robots alongside with human resources. 

Robots were introduced to solve complex industry challenges. The reach of robots slowly extended freeing up human resources to be reassigned. It also removed them from service. Robots were associated with niche technologies. Unemployment as a result of automation disrupted lives and livelihood. Softskills and augmented AI took over. The road ahead is full of opportunities if one knows how to count and capitalize. Knowledge is the key.  Technology enables. The barrier begins to blur. Reskilling is required for the transition with the existing and emerging technologies. 

Reskill or get replaced. 

Talent acquisition checks on core competencies.

“robobosses” will increasingly make workplace decisions that previously could only have been made by human managers.

Robots could become your boss. Are you ready? In a world where machines and AI will reign, the smartest move is to recalibrate. Upskill is to anticipate  and accommodate by shifting gears and changing lanes. The preparedness will reflect on performance. Machines means measurement. Will machine power eliminate manpower?   Not everything. At the same time, retainer on certain jobs have to be relinquished.

One of the way to reskill: Stay focused on soft skills. 

The landscape will soon change. What holds good today may not be required or relevant. Stay abreast with changes. Expand knowledge base by studying the trends. For instance,  Gartner in its study revealed “six billion connected things will be requesting support.” 

Training with educational institutions and partner progams in skill development  who offer flexible learning methods will help realigning in in personal goal and organizational objectives.

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